Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Is it still worthwhile?

So tired being considerate when you are not,
So tired when I knew I was right but I've to say sorry,
So tired when you started out the fire and blame me for starting it up,
So tired when you do things with $$$ in your mind first,
So tired when you break promises and you said that you never mentioned it before,

Because I am so tired already, that's why I felt tired too when you say sorry for all the stupid arguments that we don't really actually have to argue over.

Why do I have to fucking cry so easily when I argue with you,
Why do I have to force myself to talk shit when I'm still crying,
Why do I have to go through all those fucking temper when I know I dont have to,
Why do I have to consider so much for you when you dont,
Why do I have to put you at first place in everything when you dont,
Why do I have to doing things to make you happy when you still complain so much,

SueShen you were so right that few of us being so stupid and foolish when people dont even care to appreciate what we have done, not asking for a return but at least let us felt that its worth doing it, but I guess we have to accept that all this are facts from the realistic world.. Can't think about it, Im not even as important as playing mahjong with friends you know? ^^

Cheer up everyone and sorry for having an unpleasant post after some time :)

Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Journey...

They who are near to me do not know that
you are nearer to me than they are.
They who speak to me do not know that
my heart is full with your unspoken words.
They who crowd in my path do now know that I am walking alone with you.
They who love me do not know that
their love brings you to me.


Saturday, June 16, 2007

A night..

A night with thoughts and doubts..

Listening to the rain drops, peaceful and soul smoothing..
Imagining myself holding on an umbrella,
walking on the beautiful streets of London,
where every breath is chilling cold..

I love my freedom, I love my dreams..
But I know that it cannot be compared with reality..
Colourful, rhythmic, boarder less...

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Think b4 u SPEAK..

If you think bitching and spreading stupid rumours behind their back is gona help,
NO you are wrong, you are ruining your ownself reputation ^^

If you think that you don't need to think and say things that hurt people,
GOD I pity that you are stuck at the age below 3 ^^

If you think that you get jealous when people are better than you, and you do things behind them,
*LAUGH* You will only get worse doing those kid's thing instead of improving yourself ^^

If you felt that friends around you start to not talking to you,
You are losing away true friendship becoz of your silly act. ^^

If you think that people are the one to blame when you don't get to do your things well,
Lol I am very speechless about someone who is not responsible with their own act ^^

***People that were your victims before might felt offended, but remember, it's just for a moment of anger, because they are not like you, and of course, WE'RE GROWNUPS ^^

Cheers to my dearie girls! Miss you all alot, see you all in class soon!

Sunday, June 03, 2007


司仪文康就安慰男的说:" 你还记得我问你的一个问题.."
"我问你..你最想唱歌给谁听? 你说....你最想唱给天上的妈妈听.."
说到这里.. 男的就哭了起来.什么也说不到..
"她一定听得到.." 文康说..

Friday, June 01, 2007


I am pretty moody at this time, moody over small matters which it does not affect my life or people around me, but, it did affect my thoughts..

You came back from Sabah since April, met you while I was having a dinner with my family.. Just dunno why, you changed alot since your father's death, and I know it was so sudden, although it was like almost a year already, but I knew it still give you an impact in your life..
The way you talk to me, you are so much more different, you talk so soft, you speak so uncertainly, you don't look the way you look last time, you don't smile and laugh so often like last time.. You are just a totaly different guy.. Someone told me, you start to smoke, you are puffing already, since when this young man where you used to oppose smoking so much... You made me worried..

Just got a news, a friend of my family, passed away..

Take good care and enjoy life, to everyone, especialy my dear girls and buddies..

P.S: When you are starting to count what you don't have, then you should start to count for what you have in your life, and at the end, you won't think that you don't have enough and life is great.. ^^