Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Astro Kirana

Phew, I was actually half vanished from this blogging stuff ever since I started my internship, but then, it's going to end very soon, only a couple more days, and I will be seeing my girls again, and I bet, we are gonna share so so much hahaha! Can't wait...

Alright I attend a short film award 2007 at Sunway Convention Hall, was organized by Astro Kirana, was a good experience thou...

So there, among 100 short films, 10 was nominated, and guessed what, "The Promise" was nominated as one of the Top 10, and here I would like to take this opportunity to thank those who voted for the film, that we won the Audience Award category, hahaha... Well, special thanks to Phei Ni,Mady,Cades,Carmen,Alisha and many many more lol!

So that night, sat with Patrick and wife Jennifer on a same table, while Sia and Sook Kee was separated from us, how sad... :(
There were guest like Carmen Soo, 3R girls, Ammir Mohammed who directed Durian,The Last Communist and his latest film will be Susuk, Osman Ali and great backbones from Puteri Gunung Ledang, and again, many many more...

The ambiance was kinda ok for a first timer cause this is the 1st time Kirana hosting such ceremony which I think it's marvelous to get new fresh blood into the film industry to increase the fame of Malaysia cinema talent.
The Top 3 winners, which I predicted the exact 3 films will be having the awards, 1st runner up and the grand prize winner's films was really stunning and the impact was really good, from here, we noticed that, in Malaysia, there are many talented freshies are waiting to express their great passion in the film industry.

If any of you are interested to know why are they the winners, you will be greatly impressed by their performance and teamwork, try log on to Astro website and go for the short films award, you will see a listed nominated films... 1st runner up was" Shou Ji" and grand prize winner was "Beautifool Life"... Seriously, I really think that these 2 films deserved the award, you will understand what am I trying to say when you watched them, and Dang, you favourite actress was nominated as the best performance award, which I'm glad she got it too ^^

Do watch Astro Kirana on every Monday 11pm, there will be short films shown on screen as well, and by March, top 10 nominated films will be screened as well hehe...
Here I would really wanna thanked Sia for giving such opportunity and experience ^^...

Monday, December 10, 2007

Please Don't...

Please don't let me dislike talking to you
Please don't let me begin ignoring you
Please don't let me look down on you by how you behave
Please don't let me loose my respect towards you
Please don't let me have the feeling of frustration when I see you
Please don't let me get irritated when you ask really dumb questions
Please don't let me have so many chances to raise my voice against you
Please don't let me think that you are the black sheep among others
Please don't let me repeat things which had been repeated a thousand times
Please don't let me stop saying hi to you
Please don't let me think that talking to you is such suffering and wasting time

Just you know who you are... Please don't... I'm getting real sick...