Sunday, September 27, 2009

It’s Krrunch Time, Get Playful!


Working can be so dull & boring, someone told me...

Dull like how? Dull as in...

1.You tend to see things in either black, grey or white...

2. It's so quiet that everyone just turn on the silent mode and do their own things in their own little office cubicle, no jokes, no interaction, no celebration...

2.You just got off from a bad jam, and you stuck your butt on the chair till night before you sit in the car and stuck your butt on the cusion and battle your way home through the traffic again...
The routine from Monday to Friday is
morning traffic ---> sitting in the office ---> evening traffic

Gosh how can anyone survive from this?! Just if we have some krrunchy thing going on, at least there is noise, at least there is taste and flavour, at least... THERE IS FUN!

Imagine employees using the krrunch sound as a new language, like "Hey you wanna take a breather?"
You krrunch 8 times! *Fail in inventing the new krrunch language*

Oh gosh, guess I better be good at advertising this time, I remembered I came across
this advertisement originated from Thailand while working on an assignment, we were laughing our ass off for over a week, no kidding, over a week!

Wanna check it out? Here you go

Cheers to every small things in life! Cheers to Pringles crispy chips!
*Open few cans of Pringles in the office, hugs everyone, tears of joy down the chin, feeling too satisfied that even the clients join in and nodded their heads in agreement.

Let the imagination push the 'Play' button in your head, and link the scenarios with the Thai Cheer Beer ad, you will be smiling, definitely!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Unlimited Songs? Serious?

Back then I remembered we listen to songs through cassette, and more depending on radio stations to play the favourite song, not to mention that owning a walkman, is the coolest thing, you can bring it anywhere you go, I used to have one of them!

But then the thing is, cassettes can only hold up to 10 songs,then brilliant science took a further step to fulfill our music taste bud, by inventing something you call CD, and there is where the Malaysian pirates make their business grow!

CD was too expensive to purchase, some even cost you RM40+, and you don't get to choose the songs that you like to be in the list, it's either the artist album, or the mixture of any other songs, where you might only want to listen to 1 and have no choice but to buy.

Soon enough, internet helped enhancing the taste buds, all sort of portals to download the songs that you like, well some are legal, some are not, legal ones might cost you a bit of money per song, and if illegal, you might end up having police officers knocking on your doors...

But now, mobile phones are in the picture for listening MP3, life is easier now, and to make it more easier, DiGi came out with something which people like us who loves music,will love it! ----> DiGi Music!

The main 1st point of this DiGi Music is....
Now you can proudly stand next to the police and show him your downloads, and you won't get handcuff, hohohoho!


To all our convenience, sometimes when you recall that the song that you like so much you have to download it right away, even when you are standing at the street without a pc, that's it, problem solved! ---> You get to download not only from your pc but phone too!!!

Seriously this is coolest, NO DATA CHARGES for WAP browsing and downloads!
Woohooo and also music experiences, like concerts, meets & greets!!!

So now,

Unlimited music, sharing playlist & songs, no data charges,downoading from pc & phone, and music experiences! Alllll heeereeee ---->

Currently obsessed with this catchy song from The All-American Rejects

I wanna I wanna I wanna touch you~
You wanna touch me too~~ (Hmm touch where ahem *koff koff*)

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Speedy Gonzalez : Join The Pact

Especially in Klang Valley, even when you own a damn good sports car, you just don't seems to have the chance to speed, mainly because there are two barriers stop us from speeding.

1. It's definitely the traffic! It jams all the way from point A to not even point B yet, maybe point A.5, you freaking need more time to reach the destination that it might only takes you half an hour?

2. It's when the road is clear once in a blue moon, and when you thought it's the good time to have your engine to make some noise and do a little speedy thing..... The front awaits you usually are the speed traps and there goes, you pay RM300 for a little speed.

So... Conclusion is, Malaysians like us, not like other countries where we have the government getting the people to be summon if they drive too slow, do not really get the chance to be in a speeding car, but well... I am now not talking about normal speed car, what is 150km per hour man? It's more on being on a rocket, far more, imagine having a ride on the F1 cars, where you can only drool over TV or feel the impact in your dreams, yes your dream is coming true, YOU REALLY HAVE TO RIDE ON THIS!

Johnnie Walker is making dreams come true, promoting the Don't Drink & Drive campaign, on top of that, the surprise is

Mika Häkkinen is coming!!!!
I myself love sitting in fast cars, but damn this car is really FAST!

I'm trying to get this once in a lifetime experience in riding together with Mika Häkkinen on a JTP Super Car!!!

Pretty simple to stand a chance to win this experience, what you have to do is to...
Write in a blog post

Why him?
Two time Formula 1 World Champion!
Seven times world champion and rival Michael Schumacher has said himself that Häkkinen is the man he respected the most during his Formula One career.

Isn't that enough for you to Sign The Pact for him?!
I signed, and make sure you do too, because good things good experience never come easily and often enough, you can only dream about it, why not try your luck!

p/s: Mika Häkkinen will be at Sunway Pyramid on 12th Sept 09 for the launch and JTP Supercar demo run, be sure to catch him there!