Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Was stuck in a jam this morning, and saw this police truck which drive prisoners.

It was a busy morning, and when the truck passed by, was just wondering if the prisoners ever envy normal people like us, people like us who stuck in traffic jams, go to work, hang out with friends and family, and they are just behind bars.

But, we are all born normal, no one born to be prisoners, so it's actually simpler than being a prisoner, isn't it?

Mind my ramblings, just some weird thoughts I wanna let it out. =)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sleeping Time

Just before I am totally disconnected from the internet world... (No not really, my bb is still connected)
I was browsing through some of my pictures, found some pictures when I was in Phuket.
I went there at the wrong timing, the sea was rough and it was raining almost all the days I was there, but well I still have fun, I missed the food the most...

Next holiday destination, where? Taiwan!

Off to bed, shall do some planning in  my dreams for now...

Monday, March 15, 2010

My Burst Day

No offense but I use to watch a lot of Taiwan shows, and they just can't pronounce birthday but burst day, so yea here I wanna be Taiwan kia a bit to thank everyone for celebrating my burst day with me!

Remembered when I was young, during my primary school time, whenever my birthday is near, I will go around and ask everyone ... " Ei when is your birthday ar?", then after they answer they will ask me back " When is yours?", happily I will tell them " Tomorrow yay!"

As time goes by, the lesser people I ask when is their birthday, because I don't really want them to ask me when? And the thing is that they will ask how old are u.... *Very sensitive question to ladies ok, especially those in mid 20s wtf*

Days before my birthday this year, mom and dad asked if I wanna invite some friends over so she can cook something and celebrate my day, gosh no i don't want mom, I don't want you to cook and wash everything so troublesome, just a simple makan with family is more than enough.

So we went to a simple makan place, not even a hotel, but the dinner was great, not because of the food, but because of the feeling of having both my parents and brother to be at the same table eating a simple dinner, the heart warming feeling. I never realize all this until I started working, until when I reach home mom and dad already eaten and brother will be later than me to be home.

I guessed when someone grows older, they will start to realize and treasure many many small things, which money can't buy, how many more years will you have the chance to be seated all together with your family and have a simple meal? No not often anymore, as long as the time is moving forward, everything seems to be decreasing - Friends, energy, feelings, and yes family, soon they will be gone and only memories, the only thing that will continuously increase will be our age. 

This year, besides having a simple dinner with my parents, a simple cake with a birthday song, enough to make me happy and feel lucky.

Other than that, people out there! If you are reading this, this message to you! Thank you for every single wish that I received from you guys, everyone is wonderful and I love you all...

Also thanks to some of my dear clients who wished me on the big day =)
Not forgetting the bucket of flowers with a monkey from OMD Group, also a bunch of roses from a former OMD'ian, yes you know who you are!

Mady, thanks for the Cupido you bought for me, hope it brings good love luck for me, but well of course you will be the one getting married first, that's for sure dear. =)
Thank YOU for the big huggy bear, took him in as a bolster, and don't worry the fur is not dropping and defintely he is not the cause of my flu now. Love the bear!

Suresh and Icoco, thanks for the Swan pendant, it's really pretty and I was just looking to get myself a pendant, did you both read my mind? The gift was unexpected from you both! *Big Hug*

No I won't forget to mention the gift all the way from Singapore, the Adam Lambert CD from this fella I called him small boy - Kevin Chan (Thank you hey)

Last but not least, the ultimate crazy night with the nuffies! You guys are simply the bezt colleagues and friends! Thank you for the voice losing night dearies, I lap you allllll!!!

Friday, March 12, 2010


I think this is a pretty picture, which I accidentally found it on the internet.
It gives me a peaceful feeling...

I am a year older now, just passed my birthday 2 days ago.
Haven't update my b'day post, maybe the next post.

Once again,
Thank you for all the wishes, through phone calls, smses, facebook and twitter.
Use to dream about presents when I was young, but I guess once you grow older, even a simple wish from a friend is good enough.

Have a great weekend people.